3Logix WasteTrack for Mobile Software

WasteTrack is an integrated software platform for the Environmental Services sector and is now available for Mobile.

Available on the App Store and Get it on Google play 3Logix WasteTrack for Mobile Software

Key Benefits

Bin Contamination Inspections
with Photographic Evidence

Bin Maintenance

Bin Deployments with or without UHF RFID

Site Audits

Service Exceptions

GPS Tracking

WasteTrack Mobile utilises advanced technology and provides powerful functions and reliable performance.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms with and without RFID. WasteTrack Mobile seamlessly connects your mobile workforce with the 3Logix SaaS Solution WasteTrack.

How Does It Work?

The WasteTrack Mobile app empowers your field-based staff with the ability to:

  • View Site Information

3Logix WasteTrack for Mobile Software

Through WasteTrack Mobile site search you can search for the closest property to your GPS location or manually enter a site address. Once a site is selected, a list of services, collection runs, and allocated bin assets will be displayed.

  • Perform and Report Contamination Inspections in Real-time

3Logix WasteTrack for Mobile Software

WasteTrack Mobile’s Contamination Inspection provides the ability to select a specific bin at a property and record either a pass or failed bin inspection. Recording a failed result allows you to identify the type of contamination and capture photographic evidence. Completed bin contamination inspection reports are sent back to WasteTrack in real-time and stored against the selected property.

  • Deploy a New Bin

3Logix WasteTrack for Mobile Software

WasteTrack Mobile allows you to Deploy a New Bin or Bins at a selected site capturing the bin type, size, serial number and RFID, if available.

  • Bin Search

3Logix WasteTrack for Mobile Software

WasteTrack Mobile’s Bin Search can be used to identify bins in the field either by entering its serial number or scanning its RFID tag.

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3Logix WasteTrack for Mobile Software

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WasteTrack Mobile Feature Brochure

WasteTrack Mobile allows your operations staff to: view site information, perform and report contamination inspection in real-time, deploy new bins, and identify bins. Download the WasteTrack Mobile brochure to see all the key benefits and features.