The 3Logix Story

We began in 1992 as a small business developing software for the Logistics sector with particular emphasis on the movement of shipping containers. In 2003 we recognised the need to provide a locally designed GPS tracking solution for these clients which could be seamlessly integrated into our business model. So was born Fleetmax an Internet based solution developed and hosted here in Brisbane. From this base we developed turn key solutions utilising IVMS (In vehicle management solutions) for RFID, Onboard Mass, Fatigue and Mobile Workforce applications. Most recently in response to customer demand we have developed a product called WasteTrack specifically for the Waste Management and Recycling sector.


In a world where we are constantly reminded of our responsibilities to maintain our planet and the delicate balance between us and nature we see ourselves as a small but integral part of the overall solution. Utilising the tools we have developed we can provide data from both household and commercial collections enabling Councils and Local Government Authorities to analyse trends and develop educational programs to help their communities understand the importance of reducing waste and repurposing products wherever possible.


Our goal is to remain innovative as we seek to utilise the latest technology to enhance the services we provide. As part of the Circular Economy we believe that the biggest challenge facing us today is to change the way we think about our waste disposal habits and to achieve this we need to educate. In order to educate we need to properly analyse relevant data. WasteTrack is our data gathering tool and we believe it is the best available. We are passionate about what we deliver and we will continue to improve what we do and how we do it.

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