About Us

For more than 20 years 3Logix has been working in the Software industry providing

high quality products to thousands of customers around Australia and New Zealand.

Over the decades we have specialised in providing end-to-end software and

technology solutions to the Waste and Environmental Services sectors.

Our Mission

At 3Logix we strive to play our part in contributing to a sustainable future. Through the use of technology we seek to take our place in the circular economy helping the Waste and Environmental services sectors improve efficiency, ensure safety, target effective education, and generally transform the way we use and reuse our natural resources.

Our Capabilities

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

GPS Asset Tracking, GIS system integration
and Telemetry collection

For over 15 years our bread and butter has been GPS asset tracking, with over 10,000 assets tracked, we have wide experience in collecting and analysing GPS location information. Augmenting this with other telemetry such as ignition state, vehicle odometer, fault detection, bin lifter, compaction rates, and PTO status. We are able to provide deep insight into fleet and plant operations across wide distances.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Digital Video Recording and
Photographic evidence capture

Video capture, being essential for OH&S, incident capture, and proof of service is what has set 3Logix IVMS apart from the competition. Instead of fitting multiple devices to the fleet, 3Logix IVMS has the capability of recording up to 8 video channels of footage and the ability to stream back to WasteTrack or Fleetmax in real-time all in one unit. We work with many camera suppliers and can integrate to pre-existing camera systems. Suppliers we work with include HTRV, Bucher, RVS, ProVision, Mitsubishi and Axis.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Large Fleet Rollouts

Complex and large fleet rollouts are our speciality. 3Logix has developed a network of professional installers across the APAC region that can enable large rollouts to occur seamlessly. Our operations team are expert in scheduling, provisioning and supporting diverse fleets across wide expanse. We are also able to facilitate

in-house engineers to deploy and service equipment.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Bin Deployments

Delivering ten-to-hundreds of thousands of bins can be a complete nightmare even without having to keep track of serial numbers and RFID information. Using WasteTrack Mobile by 3Logix, field staff are easily able to drop and log bins against properties and have the information sync in real-time to WasteTrack when a complete overview of the deployment can be monitored. WasteTrack Mobile has been developed to suit this specific purpose and has been used extensively in both RFID and non-RFID rollouts.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Vehicle Platform and Weight
Management System integration

Integration with third party systems is essential for collecting and analysing telemetries from the field to get a deep insight into the productivity, safety and effectiveness of your operation. 3Logix has worked with many vendors to integrate into vehicle, waste, and onboard mass systems. Telemetries collected include odometer, engine hours, fuel burn, harsh breaking, rpm monitoring, PTO state, lifter status, compaction rate, onboard mass and per-lift mass. We support all vehicles fitted with J1939/FMS capability as well as vendors including Bucher, SuperiorPAK, Elphinstone, Accuweigh, Loadrite, TWS, Axtec. 3Logix is also able to integrate into any other 3rd party system that is able to publish data via either Canbus/RS232/RS485 or Ethernet.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Proof of Service

Whether for pay-as-you-throw commercial collections, or standard residential collections, using RFID as a proof of service is the cheap, quick and reliable method of logging exactly where and when a service occurred. 3Logix has experience in both small scale commercial and large scale residential deployments and can help provide the best solution for your organisation. We have been working with our vendors HID Global, Alien RFID and CSL over many years and have vast experience with their equipment and best operating practices.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Waste CRM and
Customer Services Platform

At its core WasteTrack is a Customer Relation Management software platform tailored for Waste and Environmental services sector. It is designed to manage a multitude of needs including but not limited to; asset and bin management, bin and asset repair, service provisioning and booking, customer support, run and route management and optimisation, contamination and exception logging, real-time operational monitoring.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Sweeping and Cleansing
Management Monitoring

Planning and monitoring street sweeping and city cleansing can be a complicated and time consuming task. WasteTrack and WasteTrack IVMS are able to simplify this by providing an easy and intuitive way to plan sweeping routes, monitor their progress and report on completion. The product was designed to improve oversight and management thus increasing fleet efficiency and providing the ability to deliver proof-of-service KPIs to executives.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

Service Exception Logging and
Reporting for Targeted Education

Effectively educating on waste disposal habits and behaviour is critical to keeping contamination rates low and recyclable yield high. Using in-vehicle service exception reporting, education campaigns can be effectively targeted toward customers or residents that would benefit from better understanding more effective waste disposal habits.

3Logix Waste Track Software for Waste, Recycling and Environmental Services

At-Call Council
Hard Waste Bookings

The trend towards on-demand/at-call council curbside hard waste collections has presented an interesting logistical challenge for LGAs and Service Providers. 3Logix has worked with its customers to develop a specialised system within WasteTrack which allows hardwaste bookings to be taken either by phone, or through a self-service portal that can be existing local government or service provider website. The resident chooses a date when a service is available in their area and then books their collection. The resident can then receive both a SMS & Email confirming the booking as well as a reminder when the date approaches. These bookings can then be optimised on runs and sent to WasteTrack IVMS where the collection vehicle can then complete the collection, log the photographic evidence of completion and log any service exceptions that occur e.g. contaminates. WasteTrack provides an end-to-end solution, including back-office reporting, which makes managing at-call collections seamless.

Collection companies utilising WasteTrack

Current Positions

Helpdesk Technician

About the Role

We are looking for an enthusiastic and articulate Helpdesk Technician (experience highly regarded however not required) to assist with the growing service, technical support, and administrative functions across our products.

The key responsibilities for the role will be to:

  • Respond to inbound customer emails and phone calls
  • Troubleshoot and answer questions regarding our software
  • Perform basic software configuration via email and phone
  • Support our hardware team by performing internal quality assurance and assist in the RMA process as needed

Who are we looking for?

This role will suit someone who is enthusiastic about providing excellent service and enjoys solving problems.
You could be our next Helpdesk Technician if you:

  • Have a strong background in customer service
  • Are tech savvy and can learn new systems quickly
  • Have great communication skills
  • Are organised and can multitask
  • Can take on new challenges daily
  • Have a positive attitude

What is on offer?

  • Monday to Friday full-time position in Murarrie, Brisbane
  • Salary $55-65K + Super
  • To be part of an exciting industry and tight knit team
If you are excited about contributing and being a part of our growth, please submit your resume and cover letter. Email all submissions to jobs@3logix.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you